Tout ce dont vous avez besoin!

Everyday French is everything you need to speak French, whether you’re an absolute beginner or an improver. The focus is to learn useful language that will help you in various situations and also to build friendships with the neighbours! Don't be  afraid build your confidence in spoken French though a proven method.  You’ll make solid progress and build your range of expression and mastery of French  quickly.

Learn in small groups

Forget text books and audio tapes!

Forget complex grammar rules

Relax, enjoy and start to speak intuitively


How to learn French!

Relying mainly on text books and course material learning is a recipe for slow progress, destined to get you stuck at some point . I  will teach you the same way that I learned English through listening, learning and speaking, and speaking and more speaking! The key is to learn intuitively without stress. My name is Carole and I live in Béthines close to Montmorillion, Saint-Savin and Le blanc, I am French native and have lived in England for 20 years, so I speak from real experience of learning. Let me give you a real example. When I first arrived in England, I encountered the word "Hi!, to me Hi meant High, not a way of greeting people, they never taught that in school. I soon realised natives use a lot of expression and slang too.

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